Garage Storage in Vancouver, WA

Upon moving into their new home in Vancouver, WA, Brian and Debra realized that they lost a lot of in-home storage space compared to their previous home. Now the garage needed to be able to do a lot more than just park cars. After determining the best location for their freezer, we loaded the remaining walls with Monkey Bars.

Considering their lower-than-average ceiling height, they were thrilled with the volume of stuff we were able to get off the floor and on to our ridiculously strong shelving. Also, trying to keep things as tight to the left wall as possible to allow the driver’s side car door to open, we came up with a creative solution for their surfboard storage, with space to spare for ladders and a folding workbench.

Dan Ruden is the Owner of Monkey Bars NW of Portland, OR. He can be reached at [email protected]