1 Car Garage Shelving in SW Portland

This young couple (Jeff and Janine) in SW Portland recently welcomed their first baby to the family. They didn’t realize how much more stuff they would now need to fit into their cramped single-car garage. Monkey Bars was the perfect system to help them maximize storage capacity, maintain easy access to their most frequently used […]

Garage Storage in Vancouver, WA

Upon moving into their new home in Vancouver, WA, Brian and Debra realized that they lost a lot of in-home storage space compared to their previous home. Now the garage needed to be able to do a lot more than just park cars. After determining the best location for their freezer, we loaded the remaining […]

One Car Garage Storage System in Milwaukie

Jeff is a contractor and had been trying to come up with a DIY solution for his oversized single car garage. He had been able to store tons of stuff in the space, but he wanted to have easier, more organized access to the gear that he used most often, and also wanted to make […]

Tigard Garage Ceiling Storage

Darron is thrilled with his garage man cave in his new home in Tigard. He’s spent a lot of time getting it set up as his space…a place to do some projects, store his gear, or relax and have a cold one while being surrounded by man stuff. Due to limited storage inside the home, […]

Jessica’s Tiny Garage in SE Portland

Jessica loves her charming little bungalow in SE Portland. However, at just over 700 square feet, there is very little storage inside the house. She uses her garage to storeeverything. This might not have been a huge issue if it weren’t for two little problems; 1) Her already small garage had been shrunken even smaller during […]

Two-Car Garage in Tualatin

Paul’s last garage had plenty of space.His new house has not only a smaller garage, but also less in-home storage. Tired of paying for a storage unit, Paul called us in to maximize every inch of his garage. One side of his garage was already packed with shelving units, but we were able to find some […]

Floor Coating in New Home, NW Portland

Before: Gray Concrete Kathy’s beautiful, brand new home needed one final touch before moving in—coating the garage floor. We found a color that perfectly matched the rich, earthy tones of her exterior paint. Coupled with a little section of Monkey Bars Shelving and some accessories for bikes and other sports equipment, she now has the […]

Double Garage in Wilsonville

The After Shot: Nice and Tidy Mark and Linda recently moved up from California. The final project they needed to do to be able to consider themselves officially moved-in was to find the perfect system to organize all the stuff that they would be storing in their 2-car garage. Apparently Mark is quite the savvy […]

2-Car Garage System in Brownsville

I met Eric and Brandie at the Oregon State Fair a while ago, and they asked if I’d be willing to go all the way to Brownsville, OR (a little outside of Eugene) to install a Monkey Bars. Yes, I’m ALWAYS willing to travel outside of the Portland Metro Area. They were hosting Thanksgiving, and […]


This complete garage makeover was done in Boise, Idaho. It is incredible what a refinished floor with items on the wall will do to your garage. We can do it just as well in your garage here in Oregon. (Check out other Boise garages here at www.garagesolutionsboise.com) Did you know that our products and services […]