Double Garage in Wilsonville

The After Shot: Nice and Tidy

Mark and Linda recently moved up from California. The final project they needed to do to be able to consider themselves officially moved-in was to find the perfect system to organize all the stuff that they would be storing in their 2-car garage. Apparently Mark is quite the savvy online shopper. When I showed up for their complimentary design consultation and estimate, Mark made my job very easy and told me that he’d spent hours researching every system available, and he had determined that Monkey Bars were the very best. He then told me exactly what he wanted and where he wanted it. All I had to do was quote him a very reasonable price, then we scheduled installation for later that week. The two walls of 24″ deep Monkey Bars Shelf/Rack was perfect for the items that he wanted to keep more accessible. Then we added a couple ceiling racks over his garage door to store a bunch of stuff which he was convinced he would probably never use again, yet couldn’t bear to part with. He and Linda are thrilled with the results.