Jessica’s Tiny Garage in SE Portland

Jessica loves her charming little bungalow in SE Portland. However, at just over 700 square feet, there is very little storage inside the house. She uses her garage to storeeverything.

This might not have been a huge issue if it weren’t for two little problems; 1) Her already small garage had been shrunken even smaller during a remodel to create a laundry room, and 2) She loves to collect and refinish unique old furniture and there are quite a few future projects waiting for her t.l.c.



With tons of stuff to store in less than 150 sq ft of space, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to get everything off the floor. However, by getting all of her storage bins and everything everything else off the floor that we possibly could, we were able to create easier access to her three bicycles while creating enough floor storage space for her furniture and winter tires, eliminating the need to double-park anything that needs to be stored on the floor. I’m glad we could get here the right garage storage solution for her. We implemented the Monkey Bars garage shelving system. There is now a ton of stuff stored in that little space, but it stills feels nice and open with elbow room to spare.


Dan Ruden is the Owner of Monkey Bars NW of Portland, OR. He can be reached at [email protected]